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There are a lot of mechanical problems that can arise during orthodontic treatment. Between the wires, brackets, and bands, there are many parts involved! If something goes wrong, you should schedule an appointment with our orthodontist in Hamilton, OH, to check that everything is in its proper place. In the meantime, you can take various steps to handle these issues until your appointment.

Loose Bracket

A bracket may come loose after eating something you’re not supposed to, like sticky or hard foods. These tough foods can disrupt the stability of the resin that holds the bracket in place. The bracket may move or break as a result.

Contact our office if you have a broken or loose bracket. Until you visit our office, you can use orthodontic wax to cover the bracket to prevent it from poking your tongue or cheek. 

Broken Wire

A broken wire isn’t effective at moving your teeth. To keep your treatment on track, you must make an appointment with our doctor to repair the broken wire. However, a broken wire usually pokes the inside of your mouth, causing pain, discomfort, and sometimes a sore. 

Don’t try to cut the wire on your own. Instead, try to secure the wire by pushing it back up with a pencil. You can also use a bit of orthodontic wax to cover the end to reduce friction and pain. Finally, if the wire has already created a sore, rinse with salt water to prevent infection.

Loose Spacer

 We may employ a spacer to create gaps in your teeth where bands will be placed. If your spacers become loose or fall out, make an appointment with our office. You’re likely ready to have your bands put on!

Contact Our Orthodontist in Hamilton, OH, for More Information

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"Dr. Manilla and his staff are very amazing! They treated us like family. The office is very welcoming. Dr. Manilla and his staff did a excellent job on my daughter's teeth. She can't stop smiling! He is currently working on mine and I can't wait to see how beautiful mine will be. My other two children will as come to this office when they are ready for braces. I highly recommend Dr. Manilla's office. They are the best!"- Leslie M.
"We had an excellent experience with Dr. Manilla and his staff. I found their quote to be lower than a few others around our area. Over the last two years, they have been so flexible and kind as we have tried to schedule appts around school and sports. I have two more kids who might be potential candidates for orthodontics and we would definitely choose Dr. Manilla's office for their needs!"- Heather S.
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"Dr. Manilla and his entire staff provided me with way more than a beautiful smile. Throughout my wonderful experience I was treated with care, provided comfort and fully informed throughout the treatment. It will be hard to say goodbye to everyone at both offices that have taken such good care of me. Luckily every time I look in a mirror and smile I'm reminded of their exceptional work and attention to every detail."- Andrew B.
"Dr. Manilla and his staff are amazing. Always smiling, positive, and willing to help (and support you) in any way possible! They made my journey through (adult) braces a pleasant one! I am super thankful for the kind staff, Dr. Manilla's expertise and my beautiful new smile!"- Tekila F.
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