Smiling dentist with the words, My dentist provides braces, why do I need an orthodontist?

This question comes up in our practice from time to time. Their general dentists are offering to give them braces for less cost, patients say. Is an orthodontist worth the difference?

If you want to be sure you’re getting the best and longest-lasting treatment for your needs, the answer is “yes.”

Orthodontic treatment does more than move teeth into a straight line. While one of the benefits of braces is certainly prettier teeth, orthodontists are trained to detect and correct complex bite and jaw problems that are normally beyond the skill level of general dentists.

Training is key. Orthodontists continue their education for two or three years after dental school, spending thousands of hours of targeted instruction on malocclusions, bone growth problems, jaw issues, craniofacial anatomy, biomechanics and more. Their education also involves a residency for guided practice.

Contrast this to the training that most general dentists receive to start treating patients with Invisalign. Usually they will view an “online” tutorial as an introduction to orthodontics that may last one hour or so, followed by a half-day in-person training. Then they start treating patients and have the Invisalign lab technicians guide their treatment. This is not how we want our patients to be treated.

Only orthodontists, with their extensive backgrounds, can be relied on to provide the appropriate and comprehensive treatment for your oral health needs.

But, many patients then ask, if my teeth look good, does it matter?

The value of orthodontic care goes much deeper than pretty teeth.

Consider these points:

But what about that lower cost?

There are no guarantees the costs will be lower. One of the greatest values of orthodontic care is that specialists know how to create a healthy mouth and beautiful smile that can last your lifetime. Orthodontic work done incorrectly or incompletely often results in the need for further treatment later on in life. In the long run, this can multiply your costs several-fold. Skimping on treatment now can be “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

One common finding we experience in our office is that the general dentist will offer Invisalign or Clear Correct to straighten the teeth, but the overbite remains uncorrected!

Many adults seek opinions regarding this type of treatment, but are unaware and then are “surprised” to find that their dentist did not provide a comprehensive plan to align the teeth as well as to correct the overbite. Because adults are no longer growing, there are certain challenges that must be addressed before you decide on your treatment based on cost alone.

Before you decide on a provider for your braces, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our office to discuss our recommendations for your treatment needs. To get the best orthodontic treatment for your needs, look for an orthodontist who is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists. We want your smile to be beautiful and healthy – and last the rest of your life.

We look forward to creating a magical smile for you!

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